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Private Item Pickup

      In instances where unforeseen hospitalisation detains you without a foreseeable release date, or in cases where possessions of a sensitive nature require discreet handling posthumously, I extend my services.

      I specialise in the discreet retrieval of personal effects, encompassing a range from intimate items to sensitive documents, tailored to your specific requirements. Whether the need arises for the conveyance of these articles to designated recipients or their secure disposal, rest assured of my commitment to confidentiality and care. For your reassurance, I furnish photographic or video documentation as evidence of the task's completion.

       Allow me to assist you in ensuring that your personal effects receive the utmost attention in matters of discretion and security.

  1. Can you provide details on the size, weight, and appearance of the item(s) I'll be picking up? If there are multiple items, can they be packaged together in a box or locked case? A picture would be helpful, if possible.

  2. Where is the item(s) located and what is the best way to access it?

  3. What should I do with the item(s) once I have retrieved them?

  4. Can you provide written permission for me to pick up the item(s), ideally with my name included on the authorisation?

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