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Is this for real?

Yes. As far as I know I'm the only one offering these services in North America. 

Can you explain your services more simply? Elevator pitch.

  1. The Personal Confessor: We provide a unique service where we attend your funeral as a confessor, and speak on your behalf about things you may have left unsaid to your loved ones, giving them closure and peace.

  2. Personal Item Pickup: We offer a discreet service where we collect personal items you may not want found after your passing, ensuring they are disposed of according to your wishes.

  3. Scatter Ashes: We provide a compassionate service where we respectfully scatter the ashes of your loved ones in a location of your choice, honouring their memory and providing closure for you and your family.

Personal Confessor Price range?

The price range for Personal Confessor services varies depending on factors such as the complexity of the confession, short notice, potential danger to me, and location. At the high end, it's $10,000 plus, while a local, easy confession with no risk to me typically costs around $3,000.

Private Item Pick Up Price range?

Private Item Pick Up also has a range in price, depending on factors such as notice, complexity, and distance. For example, if everything is in one box near the door and I have a few hours to complete the job, it may cost about $500 plus tax. However, if it's short notice and far away, and I have to arrange a motor-home to be moved in the middle of the night, the price could be in the range of $5000 to $6000.

How many people work with you?

As many as I need. This business is me so far. I hire for what is needed and where it's needed. 


What will you not do?

During an interview, I was asked what I wouldn't do, and while I didn't have a specific answer, I would generally avoid being hired to go to a funeral and confess something about the deceased. I prefer to talk to the person confessing to get a better understanding of them. Additionally, I would not do a confession for someone who has lost control of their faculties. Lastly, I would not say anything excessively harsh or abusive to anyone, even if it's their dying wish. Fortunately, I haven't been approached with anything too outlandish thus far.

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